I’m taller than the guy i’m “dating”?

i just said dating cuz we basically are. we work together and he like me (i think lol) and i like him and we hangout sometimes so i guess you can call that dating but we aren’t “together”. - like boyfriend in girlfriend. BUT i’m taller than him!! he’s a year younger than me (i’m grade 11 he’s grade 10) and i’m like 5’7 and he’s around 5’6 or shorter I don't know. it doesn’t change my feelings towards him but if we were to ever be together and we took cute photos together it would look so awkward cuz i’m taller😂😂theirs so much stuff and pressure on the media that the guys supposed to be taller so it makes me feel self conscious. should i be worried? am i over reacting?
I’m taller than the guy i’m “dating”?
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