How crazy is it to get back together with an ex after three years?

3 years ago we split and we were together for three years. I just left a serious relationship a week prior and now you I to move out with this girl.. How fucking crazy am I thinking rn? We never wanted to leave the relationship but we were forced to because of parent issues. Found out my fiancé cheated at the start of our relationship and my ex just randomly came back into my life around all the time this was going down. I was with my ex for about three years and we planned to move out together prior to splitting so it’s like picking up where we left off. We have to move out for us to be together because she’s living at home rn and we’re not sneaking around at our age. So it’s either I move out with her or I end it.


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  • I mean... do what feels right man.

  • There is only one ex I've ever considered/got back together with. I left him over distance issues. Other than that nope exs are exs for a reason. Let them go.
    I think you're jumping the gun, in my opinion, of course I dont know the whole story so I can't judge. But from just the little I know and how this stuff usually works out I think you're moving REAL fast, probably way too fast, into something new.
    You do you though. Not something I'd do. Wouldn't call you crazy. Just not that path I'd take.

    • Yeah like I said none of us wanted to end the relationship. It wasn’t our choice and it legitimately killed both of us. Her parents would have dropped her college ride and kicked her out on the street if she got caught with me again. I’m def jumping the gun tho.

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    • They all are. Good god. Moms HATE me.

    • What it really comes down to is does it feel right for you? Will you regret this in five or ten years if you don't take this chance and you just say "fuck it" and split again?
      I'd much rather fuck up and make the mistake than regret that I didn't later on. Cliche but true shit.

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  • It's crazy. Think about all the dicks she's had in those three years

    • I’ve fucked at least 10x more girls than she has guy in those three years lol. That’s a non issue

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