Any advice on what's the best dating websites in your opinion?

I've tried more dating websites than I'd care to admit and haven't had the best luck over the past 12 years or so. any advice/personal suggestions? success stories?

I mean I am "Myself" and tend to be honest with my profiles and have been following all of the generalized dating advice and it hasn't really helped. any new takes on online dating would be welcome :)


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  • I used OkCupid. U can get the app and its easy to use. But i got successful with it. I have a boyfriend now from it. And we been going out for more than a year. Maybe just start start talking to a girl u like for a week. And makr sure to share pics of what u do in life or just give her your ig or something.. and then plan to meet up. Thats what i did. It worked for me :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Honestly.. Facebook.

    • Really? How in the world does that work?

    • Well with facebook being the most out there social media people are very honest on their profiles normally, while we all have friends who have friends you could easily find someone and start conversation a lot quicker than in person.

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