What are girls on Tinder really looking for?

I guess online dating as a whole too. It's funny on dating sites, it says I have literally tons of girls that have liked me but it doesn't tell me who. Then on Tinder or Bumble, I basically get nothing at all. How can it be so skewed? It doesn't make sense.


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  • tinder as my boyfriend says, is an online whore house xD everyone there is there for a hook up so everyone goes by looks

    • Why would looking for looks change on a dating site though? Like whether you're just trying to have sex or find a good person to date, don't a person's looks still apply?

    • yes but on tinder thats amplified because 90% just wanna bang on there

    • le sigh... dating is dumbbbbb lol

What Guys Said 2

  • Tinder is just used for hook ups I wouldn't date a chick I meet on tinder god knows how many people have screwed her

    • It's so stupid man, like how can I have tons of girls apparently like me on a dating site but none on Tinder, you'd think whether it's sex or dating, you'd still like someone's looks, bio, personality, etc. all the same.

      So many Tinder girls say they're not looking for hook ups too.

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    • It's how it is they real you in with a few bait and people bite

    • almost like its own brand of false advertising, click bait, fake news nonsense. All driven by greed.

  • I use it but reject people because they live too far.

    • I can usually get a handful of likes if I travel out of my area and spend a few hours or a day or two, but it never amounts to anything, or I am not mutually into them.

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    • Surprisingly... I've never gotten that... I feel lucky

    • I don't know what in the world it is, or what it means. Kinda freaky.

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