Guy ghost me after 2 months?

We started talking in August and everything was going great. Then in November, he started texting back hours later and had excuses for why he couldn't visit. It's being going on that way through Nov and Dec. In Dec we didn't really text that much but still texted. He always has reasons why this or that happened. He's supposedly going through family issues and 'wish he could tell me'. Then he tells me things will be back to normal this weekend. However, he didn't text me at all this Saturday or Sunday. I met him my first year of college years ago. He said he had feelings for me (when we started back talking in Aug) but I was into someone else (so according to him, that was a reason to ditch me). He ghost me than and he ghost me now. What should I do? Thought?


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  • Do you show that you were interested? just talking doesn't mean you are interested. Like were you flirty, did you show more interest than just normal talking? Also, if you were into someone else he didn't really ghost you since you didn't even care about him back then.

    • I didn't show my interest in him back than. I gave that little detail just to see if someone would believe his claim (that he was hurt). I don't know. I did like him but that didn't matter at the time. I was very flirty in the beginning. I slacked down because I don't feel he's interested so I'm not going to be the only one being flirty

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    • But ill answer----> It's crazy, when we talk he's perfect. So funny and he leads the conversation. He's good at that unlike me.

      He does not work. He's a student. He likes to hangout with his friends I suppose. Guess we didn't get that far to actually know those things or I forgot. I lose interest when things like this happens with a guy. Makes me feel dumb

    • Ok. I'll just message my response to you

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  • Simple af
    At first he tried to steal you but when he found that you are really feel for other guy.. he is treating you as a good friend.. and as a good friend you should respect his thoughts.. reasons can be true.. the way you posted this.. it feels like you wanna play with 2 guys... i must say the guy you are talking about is very nice man..

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    • Can't I am new here. Don't have enough xp. You can just tell me here..

    • I got ya..
      You like that guy the way he talks? Do you feel free to share all your evens and odds with him?
      Do you don't wanna loose him?
      Do you want that the guy who talk you so much earlier.. talk to you the same way now?
      Do you Feel bit sad that he not the old guy and you want him as a old guy..
      If answer is yes for most of the questions.. it means that you started feeling for that guy.. take your time.. if you have no such feelings for that guy.. treat him like a other friends.. he is a nice person.. but you are in yes category.. you should tell him what you feel for him now..

  • I think it was logical of him. No one likes games.

    • And how am I playing games smart guy? Guess you have NO common sense since he's the one obviously playing games here

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    • Ok, answer me this. He was in to you correct? And you k we that. But at a certain moment, you were into someone else, so why should put his time on You? And if he's ghosting you, why waste your time on him. πŸ’€β˜ 

    • You didn't read the my explanation correctly. I said "YEARS AGO". 2 years and a lot of months to be exact

  • You should give him some time and see what happens


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