Guy ghost me after 2 months?

We started talking in August and everything was going great. Then in November, he started texting back hours later and had excuses for why he couldn't visit. It's being going on that way through Nov and Dec. In Dec we didn't really text that much but still texted. He always has reasons why this or that happened. He's supposedly going through family issues and 'wish he could tell me'. Then he tells me things will be back to normal this weekend. However, he didn't text me at all this Saturday or Sunday. I met him my first year of college years ago. He said he had feelings for me (when we started back talking in Aug) but I was into someone else (so according to him, that was a reason to ditch me). He ghost me than and he ghost me now. What should I do? Thought?
Guy ghost me after 2 months?
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