Was Tony Montana right about attraction?

I was rewatching Scarface, when one of the movie's most iconic quotes got to me:

"In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” - Tony Montana

Unlike the idea that money is what ultimately attracts women, this views power to be the main factor for a man's attractiveness; with money only being an indicator of such. This idea seems to match with the idea of an Alpha male appearing more attractive, which I think makes evolutionary sense. Any thoughts?


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  • Kind of, I mean I'm not a gold digger but I find strong, hot, successful men attractive. I love mob movies!! Anyways, this film is one of my faves. I love Tony's confidence and how much of a savage he is. A classic movie.

    • A lot people tend to focus on Tony Montana's money, when that's not even the driving force for his appeal. Elvira clearly found him attractive, even when her husband (Tony's boss) was far wealthier than him.

      I guess it really was Tony's power that made him attractive, which was brought by his ambition and balls. He really demonstrated that when he killed his boss and took over his empire.

    • I don't find Al Pacino psychically attractive but I find his mobster roles hot. I found his personality and toughness in Scarface and Godfather 2 amazing!

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  • of course lol...
    Women clearly will ask what his profession is so she can have a ball park idea of his income range...
    for sureeeee.

    if a guy has money and power, she automatically finds him more attractive... guaranteed
    --> there is always some girl that says, well not ALL women... no shit
    well most


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  • Kinda, yeah. Depends on the woman. The rich and powerful are inherently more likely to attract women than the poor and weak.


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