I want to ask out my older sister's friend, but I don't know how to do it, or if I even should. What do I do?

So my older sister (she's 18, a college freshman, I'm 16, a high school junior.) has this friend who I'll call Tiffany, also an 18 year old
freshman. Myself, my sister, our dad, and Tiffany went to a local amusement park over the summer a few times, and we ended talking a lot more than I thought we would, and we got along really well. Later at our family Halloween party, my parents let everyone have a drink at night, and while we were all a little tipsy, Tiffany admitted that she thought I was cute. I really like her and I want to ask her out, but I feel like her being older than me could bring up some problems, and of course there's the fact that she's been my sisters friend since they started high school. I'm also not sure if she'd be interested in me, and I don't want to say anything to her that she would immediately tell my sister and get her mad at me. I have a feeling my sister know I like her, but I'm kind of nervous to say anything to her about it either. What should I do?


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  • you are fifteen and if she is smart she will refuse to date a child


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  • She might think you're too young. I'm sure she will think it's awkward for a college girl to date a high school student. Let's say you and Tiff start talking without your sis knowing about, that will cause problems between them. Do you really wanna ruin their friendship?

    Just sit back and played it cool without telling her you like her bc if she doesn't like you back you'll be crushed and/or she might think it's weird; or you can just tell her how you feel and see what happens next.

    Wait and see if she likes you. Girls always makes it obvious when they like a guy.

    In a playful way, you could ask you sis a hypothetical question about how would she feel if you and Tiff start dating to get a feel for how she would respond to it.

    She thinks you're cute... that could mean anything. She could say a puppy is cute, but that doesn't mean she would want one.

    This is a tough situation. Personally, I would flirt with her every chance I get. If she flirts back that's a good sign, and if she doesn't then she doesn't like you the same way you like her.


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  • ITking,

    I can so understand this. I was in your shoes once. I asked a girl who was a college freshman out. I was more nervous doing that than flying over the ocean at night. She said yes. We went to a move. Easy Rider then to a dance. We were an item for months.

  • Don't.
    You are in an age where 2 years does make a difference, and not in a good way.


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