We met online? When should he start to pick me up?

We did, and he's such a sweet guy. But the first two dates we met up at the place, and it seems like we are gonna meet up for the third one too. When should he pick me up at my house? He seems a bit shy, and he said that in his second date ever when before we met for the first time. He initiates all the dates, laughs at my stupid jokes lol. But I wanted to see him tonight, I had to work. But would've been nice to hang with him on New Years. I don't know. It just seems like guys never want to hang with me. We are gonna meet tomorrow.


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  • Dafuk? "Guys never want to hang with me" " he initiates all the dates" "we are gonna meet tomorrow" "I wanted to see him tonight but I had to work"

    Exactly what is your issue here love? Either you're not explaining yourself, or you have some serious self esteem issues.

    Seems you've met a nice guy who is putting on the effort to get to know you and is interested in you, but like every human EVER is a bit shy to begin with, and you are too busy telling yourself that there's something wrong with you that you are failing to see what's in front of you.

    • But he hasn't picked me up at my house.. he's a super nice guy. He pays for my meals, and is just plain nice.

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    • That's true. So it's normal?

    • Nothing seems abnormal. I think it's in your head

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  • Hi Ms Anon.
    Good question and here's the answer... are you ready?
    After you get a police report on him and met his mother.
    Should I repeat?


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  • Might just add it in casually, when the 3rd date is set. Just say, would you able to pick me up nothing wrong

    • I don't think so. It's tomorrow.

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    • He's pretty shy, he's a farmer too. I mean he talks but I can tell that he's shy cause I am shy too but I'm pretty talkative around him. There's a few awkward silences. And sounds good, I mean maybe once he knows me and feels comfortable he will.

    • Sorry my bad, I'm from the metro area so finding our own transport has been the standards. I imagine it's more difficult for you. Well if you're waiting for the day he picks you up, for the proceedings dates, let him know you're comfortable with giving him your address. It's all about building trust. Best of luck for tomorrow!

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  • If you're gonna meet tomorrow he obviously does wanna hang with you


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