Do girls know when a guy likes her?

On the interner, you can find "signs that a girl/boy likes you". If a girl has read these things, she must know it though. For example:

When 2 people, chat constantly;
Goodmorning and goodnight texts;
Inviting her out;
And, when the guy's friends see her pass by, they start acting weird, laughing and all watching at the guy;
Or when the guy and girl are talking, friends pass by, that start teasing or giggling and run of (sounds childish, but it's true)

So these are only some "signs", but for guys it's pretty clear, when a guy likes a girl. That's why guys can be dicks against each other

Does a girl know then, that the guy she's talking with likes her?
And if she does, how would you know and what is she going to do with that information?

Thank you guys.
Do girls know when a guy likes her?
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