What do you think of her *_*?

Me and my penpal love each other. Only now I realised, how much time she invested in me.
She messaged me the first time and since that point she was just a friend. Only after she told me that she "likes me" after months I realised that she could be a possible girlfriend for me. But we live in two different places and it would only be possible in 1 1/2 years to come together. But she's waiting. Every time I tell her that I meet new people she seems jealous. :( But she cares about me. And she is a very social girl.
I don't think that you meet such women often.

What do you think of her?


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  • I think it's cute that you're able to communicate over long distances without even meeting each other. Sounds like she's an innocent girl living in a fantasy. I assume you guys Skype?

    • I already visited her. We write each other and never skyped. I would not like to Skype, because my desire to her would increase and maybe it wouldn't work with us both.

  • I think you both are living in a fantasy world. But you should definitely go for it! This is why you live!

  • You should give IT a try and maybe you can manage to meet like once a month. Depends on distance


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