She seated on my laps. Is she interested?

So I was on a date with a girl. She's very out going and super friendly with people. She can talk to a total stranger perfectly fine.
So the date went like this. We grabbed a cup of coffee talked for like 1.5 hours then had some drinks. We joined other group of total strangers we had drinks and danced it was very fun.
She would seat on my laps all the time if she wasn't dancing even kissed me on the cheeks hold my hand when we crossed the street.
She told me to message her once I got home.
But the day after I chatted her she didn't talk much. A friend visiting her she told me. I asked if she wanna have a coffee she said yes then after she told me she couldnt coz her friend didn't want to go.
Is she interested?
She seated on my laps. Is she interested?
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