Guys, What do you think? Are we friends?

This guy is my manager, I’m the supervisor and I’m getting a promotion to general manager when he will leave at the end of the month thanks to him.
I've been knowing him for just a month and we’re very close. He started asking me to go for drinks everytime after work, and we are seeing each other everyday and being very close and opened with each other’s. He told me things he never told to anyone and I did the same, we really opened up and it feels like we’ve been knowing each other’s for ages even if it’s only a month. This week he spent the night in my place three times, both of us in my bed. The third time we had sex.
We really get along and I’m so confused because I really fancy him but he kept saying “are we friends?” or sometimes just saying (way too often) that we’re friends. Then Saturday night that happened... and I genuinely don’t know. I was not expecting that because I don’t think he fancies me. Do you think we’re just friends? Shall I leave it there? Because also for work we had to start lying about everything, also we had to lie about the fact that we hang out together.
guys what would you do in his position? Could it be that he doesn’t fancy me at all?


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  • Yeah you are just friends


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