How to attract the girl who we want to make frienc with?


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  • Talk to her!! If she is worth your time, I’m sure she would appreciate that you initiated a conversation. It’s always nice to make new friends :)

    • Thanks for ur lovely comment. I talk to girls but most of the time i can't attract the ones i would like to make friends with

    • I struggle with the same thing except with guys lol. It’s hard, but it never hurts to start a conversation. It sucks, cause guys are always expected to make the first move and so the girls you like might just be waiting for you to make the first move!

    • Most of the times i make the first move but i fail to make a relationship

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  • Don't? See this is why men convince themselves that the "friend zone" exists. You want to initiate a sexual relationship by manipulating an easier to form friendship, and then you get all salty when she doesn't want to put out cos she "sees you as a friend".

    Fuck dat, if you want to have a relationship with her, start out with that as your intention, not working your way into her pants by manipulating her feelings whilst you pretend to be her friend you beta fedora wearing douchebag

    • No dude. Its not about sex or sexual relationship. My goal is just to make friend

    • Ah your question read like you wanted to pursue something more, it may have been your use of the word attract. My apologies.

      In which case it's no different to making male friends, it's just shared interests etc. You can always be straight forward with her and say "heya, this might seem a bit weird, but my new year's resolution is to make more female friends and I always thought you were pretty cool, do you fancy hanging out sometime? A lot of girls like shopping, why don't you ask if she could help you buy some clothes to make you better dressed? Most men are shit at dressing themselves, and you'll give her a project.

    • Its okay dude, no need for apology. Hmmm its seems so promising, thanks for ur good advice

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