He told me he's in love with me while drunk?

We became friends in August and we're pretty close all those months and about a month ago or less we became official and sexually active (no sex yet though.) We agreed not to have sex for a while and until we can say I love you.

He got drunk the very first time last night. I'm also his first girlfriend and he's my first boyfriend. We are both each other's first sexual experiences. He told my cousin 'I'm so in love with your cousin, she's so beautiful' and then when I was taking care of him drunk he told me I'm his first love and the first girl he has ever fell in love with and was crying telling me to never leave him and stay with him forever. He's always sweet to me.

Do drunk people usually mean stuff like that? He's sober now and I'm not even sure if he remembers blabbering that out. I was caught off guard when he said that and he was so sweet but I'm not sure what to think — should I bring it up?
He told me he's in love with me while drunk?
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