Why did guy I was dating say there was no chemistry then later ask to try again?

So I started dating this guy, but after a while he said he didn't want a relationship, this made me close off emotionally to him to protect my feelings for the times that we hooked up after, he then said there's no chemistry, I respected that although was slightly hurt as that's never been the case before but that's fair enough, I couldn't look at him and kinda just wanted to leave, he told me to look at him but when I said I can't he grinned, anyway later I left. Then after some weeks I saw him out in a bar with friends and he came over to me and introduced me to his friends as a friend, we got talking at the bar and I was flirting a little with the gorgeous bar tender who is a friend of a friend, and then he said to me why didn't we talk more like this when we were together? I said because you made it clear you didn't want anything more, then he suggested we try again, which by that point I was completely over it, then he got stroppy and said I have issues... wtf! Me?

I oersonally felt felt like he's the one with issues, I was open to a relationship in the beginning, he's the one that was up and down, I just got bored of it...
what are your thoughts guys, is he just looking for a way in to try and have some fun again or did he mean it?


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  • When you was down for him, he viewed you as "I already have her." In the same way as a trophy cabinet. When you leave his cabinet, he gets mad and frustrated.

    The way your honest description puts it, he clearly views women as mere pawns, like a game of his chess collection.

    This lad clearly feels entitled to have all girls. You won't be the only girl in his narrow minded category. Its just his lame abusive personality.

    • he's purely lazy and entitled.

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    • As in leaving on bad terms I meant, like calling him out on a few things.

    • You should have. Always think twice before making a dwcision on who you need to avoid or cur off. Some people are toxic , narcissistic, sociopathic, psychopathic, reptillian, machevellian etc. Look these all up. Watch vids and read articles.

  • People change. The heat in the room with change every chemical reaction.

    • Can you elaborate a little...

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    • If he took that opportunity to snoop on you, stay the hell out of the way. He is a jealous type and would make your life a living hell.

    • Yeah my thoughts exactly, and if they're unable to communicate it's pointless anyway.

  • He probably realized he ducked up but at the same time I'm sure he would do it again if you have him another chance

    • Yeah I feel like he needs a weird sense of control

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