Would a girl want to date me?

Hi :) I answered yesterday a few questions from another question of a girl, and I realized that most guys were much taller (about 6’3) and stronger.
I’m cute and kind of attractive but skinny.
Do you think I’m short? Would you date me if you are a girl? That’s what I answered:

1. How tall are you? - 5'9
2. What size clothes do you wear? S
3. What is your weight? 128 lbs
4. Can you see your ribs?(sucking in or not) yes
5. What shoe size are you? 8
6. Are you strong? not really
7. Do you have a flat stomach? yes
8. Can you fit your fingers around the circumference of your wrist? yes
9. Can you fit your fingers around the circumference of your bicep? no
10. Have you ever dieted? no
11. Are you big or small-boned? Normal
12. What ethnicity are you? caucasian
13. Do you have acne? no
14. Do you have a thigh gap? no
15. Do you have long or short fingers? short



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  • I don't know if some of the things you mentioned have much to do with dating or not? you entirely forgot to mention personality or income

    • I’m outgoing, a very good friend, and have a good income as an engineer

    • but being friend zoned isn't the same is dating girls , having a good income would help

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