How often does your SO say “I love you” without be prompted?

My boyfriend rarely says I love you unless I say it first and I just want to know if this is a normal thing.


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  • I say it much more!

    My SO hasn't told me she loves me since the new year started. I have already told at least thrice!

    I even told her I wanted to hear her say it but she just won't budge. She kissed me on my cheek the last time I said I loved her.

    Although, it's nothing of concern for me. Her actions show she loves me more than I love her, so it's all good!

    • What does she do to show you?

    • The little things as well as the big things like she'll remember everything I say even the unimportant things like what my political views are, my religious beliefs as well as what I think of the world, gives me proper attention whenever we are both together and when we are not!

      Always reminds me to do better whenever I get lazy and uninspired.

      She'll literally do anything I ask of her... from buying me an air-ticket to loaning me obscene amounts of money if I asked her (I have done that twice now, of course I returned the money as soon as I could; she has a lot of my money now with her for safekeeping aka very trustworthy).

      There's no one I'd rather be with than her. It's a blessing, nothing less!

      She's my source of inspiration and my muse. Truly a special person!

    • Honestly speaking, there's not enough nice things I can say about her, I always feel like I can't express how good she's been to me!

      I could write a novel for her and it would still feel like I am missing on a lot of things she does for me. That novel could have four more parts and I'd still be missing a couple of things, haha!

      Trust me her not saying, "I love you" doesn't bother me one bit. In fact, when she does say it... it always feels so much more special and meaningful in comparison to when I say it on whim every day, haha!

      She's really shown me why actions will always speak louder than words!

Most Helpful Girl

  • A lot. He’ll tell me randomly throughout the day.

    • That’s really wonderful. Mine didn’t unless I do. I don’t know if that’s weird or not.

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  • I have never heard it. There were two I felt it but was to afraid to say

  • may be he is sick of you

    • He only says I love you if I say it. I’ve even said to him “ if you don’t feel the same anymore and want to go just say so, I’m not going to hold you back” and he said “no. I love you. I am in love with you and want to be with you for the rest of my life”

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    • Yeah that’s a good idea.

    • best of luck

What Girls Said 2

  • Severall times a day

  • We say it all the time. At least 10 times a day.

    • Yes but are you saying it first? Or does your partner say it first.

    • It’s 50/50.

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