Date is IGNORING me after sex? WHY? HELP?

My friend set me up with this guy and we were texting for the past 2 months. We finally met on Friday at my friend's house, and went on a night out clubbing along with my friend and her boyfriend. I was nervous so I got quite drunk, and I was sort of playing it down and acting a little uninterested in him as I wasn't 100% sure I liked him. I was also nervous as it was my first date since the end of my 5 year relationship so I wasn't used to other guys.

We got back to my friends and I was still drunk. We ended up having sex and I liked it. I was kinda awkward at times because it was my first time in a while. He kept telling me to come to his bed and I eventually caved in.

We said bye in the morning and he gave me a kiss, he also told my friend he liked me. When I got home, I realised that I would see him again and did like him a lot.

He texted me on Saturday and Sunday too a little. I asked what he was doing for NYE and he completely ignored my message. I then text today asking if he enjoyed NYE.. he didn't respond.

I don't know what to do.. I really feel confused :( I am 21, he is 25 if that makes a difference and he seems a decent guy!
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Okay.. My friend spoken to him and said he is confused as he isn't sure if I like him or not as I was kind of acting uninterested. But, I was extremely drunk at the time.
Date is IGNORING me after sex? WHY? HELP?
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