Why would you deliberately not reply to messages?

If you've done it for more than one of these reasons, pick the most frequent reason and comment any of the others. Also interested to know if anyone never ever does this.
  • As punishment
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  • To deter them from contacting you again
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  • To appear more busy/challenging/mysterious
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  • To measure their interest
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  • To weed out the "weak"
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  • Lack or loss of interest
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  • Don't know what to say
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends on who really. Most of the time I don't reply fast because I don't feel like to if it's about regular conversations.
    If I suddenly leave during a debate it's because the opponent is being disrespectful/ stays vague after mentioning/ circulating/ no arguments/ making up stuff or simply isn't honest, it makes me feel tired and basically drops the mood to write something back.
    If someone starts a conversation and I leave him or her on read it's because I'm not interested.
    If I get very late replies that as well makes me less interested to write something instantly back.
    If I reply dry and take time it's because I'm mad or sad.
    It happens that I reply late because I'm VERY busy (since I'm basically almost always busy, just know how to multitask) but that's not often.
    I don't really reply late to 'weed out the weak', as punishment, contacting thing and stuff. Sounds childish. I just reply depending on my mood and the person.
    If I'm interested enough I won't reply with a single word.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Lack of interest or being upset with the person are the most common reasons for me. Or if I just don't want to talk to anybody.


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What Girls Said 8

  • If idon;t feel like continuing a conversation at the moment i don't reply (it's if we are not in a conversation right now and somebody writes something)

  • probs cuz I forgot, my memory has been real shit lately lol

  • How many msgs did you send? Did they read it?

    • About four, she only read the first. Yes, it's not a purely hypothetical question.

    • She's lucky that you care enough to keep trying. Most people claim to love you but even after hurting you don't try to make things right. I would say try to call her, if she doesn't pick up then send one more text and then after that wait for her to get back to you. Why do you think she's ignoring you?

    • That's very nice of you to say, lol. She offered to be friends after turning me down, I said that was OK but maybe she doesn't trust me to handle it that well. I tried to reassure her, probably not successfully.

  • Get back at you

  • A, B, F, G.

  • Busy

    • So in that case it's not really deliberate though

  • If I don't want them contacting me, I'll send them a brief, "I'm sorry, but i have to do this" message, and then block them. Simple.

    Therefore, if I don't reply, it's a, 'hold on I'm busy rn' kinda thing.

  • Some guys are creepy and only want to talk about creepily sexual topics. Like-would you rate my dick for me? Please let me send you picture". I am in no mood to ansswer messages from creepy guys.

    Girls get tired of that kind of stuff.


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