Should I continue or let it go?

I'm dating a guy who is three year elder than me , we used to talk 3 month ago daily, but nowdays he's like... starts yelling at me all his office frustration. Whenever I says him to cl me n talk, he says, he's so busy in office , bye n opinionm done with u , (what exactly this means) it's hurting me to much.. n once in anger he said m not he's priority. M so confused with his behaviour. And at morning I asked him "do u think about me" he replied yes I do ,( I mean what is this? ) Does he want me or no? , He has insulted / hurted me , but still my crazy ass mind want him why so? N he's doing same. e with me as he did with his ex's... :( .. I don't know what should I do.. I just need a strong reason to show a asshole what is he ! Help me


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  • He would be a passionate guy. Ofcourse he loves you but he has other priorities before you and one of them would be to be a successful person. And he would be excepting you to understand why he is not giving you time. But if you don't understand and support him you should leave him because his priority if to be successful man first. But if you try to think things from his prospective then you might feel he is doing right. Ask time do everything but occationally. Doing and asking things generally fades off its craze and respect of a person too. If he can't give you time but you keep asking again and again without break then he might feel you sticky and loose him interest in you. ☺ try to understand him from his prospective

  • Why keep torturing yourself?


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