Should I continue or let it go?

I'm dating a guy who is three year elder than me , we used to talk 3 month ago daily, but nowdays he's like... starts yelling at me all his office frustration. Whenever I says him to cl me n talk, he says, he's so busy in office , bye n opinionm done with u , (what exactly this means) it's hurting me to much.. n once in anger he said m not he's priority. M so confused with his behaviour. And at morning I asked him "do u think about me" he replied yes I do ,( I mean what is this? ) Does he want me or no? , He has insulted / hurted me , but still my crazy ass mind want him why so? N he's doing same. e with me as he did with his ex's... :( .. I don't know what should I do.. I just need a strong reason to show a asshole what is he ! Help me
Should I continue or let it go?
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