Am I reading too deep into things?

We broke up because she needs space and is overwhelmed. I don’t want to hear that she’s lying or anything because I believe her and her and I have had days talking about it and what she wants and needs and she loves me but needs space. I told her I used to be able to tell when she liked a guy because she usually likes everyone’s Instagram posts and when she likes a guy, she doesn’t like their posts, or doesn’t like a few kind of thing. I drew her attention to this. Her and I are not talking because we had a fight. She likes all of my bands posts (that she knows I make), unless they are pictures of me in them. On my personal account, it’s hit and miss. She’ll like one or two, but then won’t like a couple. We talked and she said that just because she’s mad doesn’t mean I’m not important... she still needs space. I get happy when she likes my posts, but when she doesn’t like them I don't know if I should be happy or sad. I’m sad she didn’t like it, but I’m happy because maybe it shows she still really likes me and is showing me that because we both know she doesn’t like guys she likes posts? Or am I looking into it too much?
Am I reading too deep into things?
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