Me and my co worker both really like each other. What should I do?


So I started my job four months ago and as soon as I met this guy I knew he liked me and I liked him back. I'm on a apprenticeship at this company and he's training me, were both the youngest people at work so we both have to prove are self more than others and if he does a good job of training me, he's going to be promoted to be my manager so it not gonna look good if we start dating.

It's a very small company and we have a very laid back atmosphere at work, some other co worker's even joke that we should date, were practically like a small family and we have two married couples at my work but one is the boss and his wife and his best friend and his wife who are in much higher positions then me and him.

He's planning on going in the army in a couple years so it's kinda like a now or never situation to date him and get to know him more because before I know it, he could be in the army and I'd hardly see him. I've also been told by my family I shouldn't date a co-worker and it's a bad idea but we really like each other and as much as we try we can't turn off are feelings for each other , I hate to think of him with another girl and I have never met a guy as amazing as him before and I don't know what to do it's not even like we can keep it secret because his uncle is the head of HR.
Me and my co worker both really like each other. What should I do?
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