He wants to go with the flow? What does that mean?

What does this mean? We have been friends for years, long distance but we do meet up, it's always been a platonic friendship until last April when we started opening up and flirting. I wasn't sure what he wanted from me because these days guys only seem to want one thing so I wasn't sure if he wanted that or more.

Finally after all this time we had the defining the relationship talk to find out what each other wanted, it turns out he feels the same way about me, he likes me and he's been confused what's going on between us too. He said I'm worth more than just sex, he wouldn't do that to me (like I said we have known each other YEARS), he thinks I'm smart and unique and the full package but he wants to see how we are and 'go with the flow'.

I won't get to see him for a couple of months but obviously if we got together we would make more effort but what does go with the flow mean? Dating or what?
He wants to go with the flow? What does that mean?
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