Why does she act different when she is with friends?

Hi guys I’m just back from kiev where I spent a few days with my girlfriend it was great back now and my girlfriend is spending time with her friend who has travelled 6 hours on train to see her I’ve been trying to contact her and it’s only 3 minutes conversations it’s like she don’t want to talk to me when she is with her friend now I have met her friend I talked to her a hour ago and I told her I’d call in the morning like I always do she said I’ll be busy With my friend il message when I’m free this is fair enough but when I was in Kiev she was on the phone all the time to her friends I didn’t mind but why can’t she do the same for me I asked her was everything ok she said it was if she txts tomorrow when she is free will I play hard to get and not answer or will I answer and going along like everything is ok?


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  • She isn't acting differntly. I am guessing she missed her friend and just wants to spend some time with her (or is it a him?). How long have you guys been dating? Is this a thing she does often?

    • its a girlfriend dating 1 year no not often anytime she with other friends she talks away to me i suppose this friend lives far away and prob won't see for a while she has called twice since her friend went home panic over LOL

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