Is the hobby gaming and/or anime a turn on or turn off?

I notice that when I put on dating sites and apps the fact that I enjoy anime (japanese cartoons, like Pokemon and such.) and games, I barely get any matches/invites and when I leave em out, I get more.

Why is that? Or am I doing something wrong?


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  • It's probably just because of stereotypes. Just be yourself and you'll find someone who appreciates your interests.


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  • I am a bit in the same boat as you.

    What I would suggest to you is first, online dating probably not the best way to go. But if you do go that route, vaguely put anime and don't go listing all of it. Same with games, say you play games, but don't go listing it.

    Second I suggest trying to meet them in real life. It's hard because most anime fans and gamers sit at home all day. But nevertheless, you should give it a try.

    Some places where you might find the rare gem we all know as a gamer girl is:

    Bookstore (manga section)
    Comic Book store
    Game/Card shop
    Movie theater (special screening of an anime movie)
    Arts and crafts store (this one is stretching it, but some girls like to draw and create cosplays)

    Also, I highly advise against conversations. If you want to know why just ask.


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  • You gotta keep in mind, people liking anime is like a 20/80 split. People liking video games is like 70/30. Therefore matching on that average for both is gonna be low and they're all gonna be Persona 4 casuals and you don't want that.

  • Its a turn on


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't say it at the first date. Some girls are drowned in stereotypes and won't try to understand


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