How do you know if she's playing hard to get?

This girl I've been trying to get for about a year now just keeps making me wonder if she likes me or not. I was wondering if there is any signs if she is or not.


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  • Trying to get her for a year? Something's majorly wrong. Either you haven't done things right and you haven't been assertive and laid things down. I. e asked her out and dropped her if she showed no interest or she's just been very good at playing you and doesn't actually like you.

    Signs she's playing hard to get are that she's distant, she'll tease you and act like she's not all that into you. However she'll still show signs that she likes you so you don't leave and think she doesn't like you. Playing hard to get is just a flirting tactic, if she's playing hard to get she ultimately wants to go on a date with you at some point.

    There's a fine line between playing hard to get and playing you. Playing hard to get is when she does like you but acts like she doesn't. Playing you is when she doesn't actually like you and is just using you for attention.

    • Thank you that was very helpful

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