Started dating this guy?

I need help, i've been talking to this guy for a little over a month now. He lives about an hour away from me but we've hangout around 5 times (as much as our schedules let us). We have not had sex but I have stayed at his apartment a couple of times and slept over. The other night he invited me out with him and his friends and they all liked me (he told me he asked them about me). and i overheard him tell his friend "he really likes me." But i still feel like he doesn't like me and I'm not sure... he takes forever to respond to texts (he says he hates texting and doesn't find it a good way to communicate), we have talked on the phone a couple times. When we hang he's super flirty and he picked me up for a date at my house and met my parents and said he really liked my parents. He told me I'm the girl he would take home to see his parents. I just i don't know. help me
Started dating this guy?
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