Crying Over a Crush?

I feel very sad today, I guess it's the new year and I've been thinking about the past.

I really loved my crush, I feel like no one will ever know how much...

And just how things ended up...

I'm really upset, and need someone to talk to who can help me...


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What Girls Said 2

  • It will pass with time. Just try not to stay all alone.

    • I've been alone at work for 12 hours which doesn't help...

      It's been two years... And I'm just really upset today...

      I really loved her... And she never gave any closure

  • Well you can talk to me if you like...

    • Thank you, I just really miss her

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    • Okay

    • You have to follow me

What Guys Said 1

  • I am sorry about this, anon. The way I pass sadness is meditating. Really.

    • I might try it later

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    • Well if you cry, let the tears cry out tonight. Play good music, watch a funny movie, etc. Okay.

    • I just want the pain to go away

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