Why does pretty much every girl on dating sites say that she is bisexual?

And add to that they say that they don't want anything to do with sex or hook ups? Yet right away they will start sexting with another girl.- I thank my sister for helping me test that theory. If a guy even asks about something sexual they cut him off.

Why do they say they want a man but really they just want attention from either sex? Why not just go lesbian and say that they want women? Then they won't have to worry about a guy wanting sex?


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  • Because there only bi because of choice. They hate men and hate the thought that men only go after them for sex. They want something that modern men typically don't want. And more and likely go after girls because girls normally aren't after sex, just because. They want the emotional connection many men seem to deem as boring or hate. But if it would get them sex, they would do whatever it takes. And its that kind of agenda any woman would hate, the same way men hate's women who are being golddiggers. That's one of the main reasons why it's best to stay away from dating sites.

    • So women only wanting sex is ok cuase they get a deep emotional connection as well?

    • No. It's not cool for anybody anyway. It's just that there are a time and place for sex. I say it's marriage. But a lot of people don't believe in biblical principals hardly anymore. It depends on intentions. I don't agree with either of it either way. But I overall am sharing my understanding of it and the so-called logic. If your intentions is just for sex, again, its a turnoff and make us see that you only see women as sex objects. Sadly that is the way of the world. To combat this, instead of again, sticking to their guns, they turn to women. And if men can't get enough women to sleep with, either they go MGTOW or gay too. And yes, I've seen it happened. I again, while I understand depending on who it is, I don't agree with it.

    • Hm good view point.

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  • So that when they want sex they can get it safely from a girl. Without a risk of getting pregnant and it is easier for them to break ties with her after sex than with a guy.


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  • Okay, number one: you can’t change your sexual orientation.

    Two, so what if there are bi girls on dating sites?

    • No not just on there. Most girl on there put that not just some.

    • It’s best to be open about it. Some people have issues dating bisexuals for some reason.

  • They're weak when it comes to sex.


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