Why did she text me again? How do I get her to like me again?

She liked me last year as school was ending and also during this school year up until about the start of November.

When i realized she was pullung away I panicked and reveaed too much by telling her hoe much o acually like her and all. I asked her out sometime that week but she said she loves me but she's really busy. she's really sorry. She did say we maybe could in a couple weeks so i kept talking to her

since then i starred to get signs she likes me again. I asked her out again, and this was her convo :

I ask her out to see a movie the day after Christmas

She says : you're a great guy and a lit of fun but i have feelings for someone else and Im so busy. Im sorry.

I say :
Thats a shame.
i wish it coukd have worked out

you know i really regret not taking to you more last year. I don't know how you felt and all but i liked you and i should have talked to you a lot more.

Anyway, see you after break. Have a nice Christmas.

She didn't respond to that, not that i really expected her to. I just wanted to get it off my chest.

I know the guy she likes and im not sure how its going
he's a sophmore (like her) and im a senior
were both pretty normal, good looking, pretty popular
Im sure he talks to her more cause i dont have any classes with her this year

I was ready to move on and just view her as a friend or play the long game, but she texted me at 2 AM on New years eve :

Happy New Year!! πŸ’•πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰
i waited an hour and then said : you too! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š

Im just confused as to why she texted me. I had conpletely cut contact with her, and she knows im into her.
If she is back to acting interested in me at school and stuff how should i respond?

I dont want to be her backup and I don't know how its going with the other guy, but i know she used to have major feelibgs for me and maybe still does. I just need to know how to turn them back on.

so what is she thinking and how should i keep going with her (keep in mind that im still talking to other girls ad i have options, i just like her the most)
Why did she text me again? How do I get her to like me again?
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