Should I apologize/make amends for taking a rejection badly or did this guy just try and play me?

So, a guy I worked with seemed really into me for a long time. Even though I wasn't into him, I really got the feeling of "he likes me" when I worked shifts with him. He'd just always have this silly grin plastered over his face, remember little things I'd said etc. When he was drunk he'd flirt with me, speak to me in Spanish (he was fluent) and tell me I looked beautiful. Another guy that worked with us told me he'd worked with him for 3 years and he never really dated/seemed into girls... but he observed that this guy was into me (like I did). This was around last Christmas. I didn't like him back so I kind of forgot about it. During the summer, he started remarking that me and him should go for a date. He did this about 10 times, including multiple times when we were alone together and it got me thinking. He's really sarcastic so I kind of ignored it/smiled as he's always sarcastic/making jokes. But then I started to develop a crush on him myself. He then started joking about really being into me, and even marrying me. He said to a colleague in front of me: "I'd ask her out but she'd just say no". I smiled again and said nothing. Then his flirty jokes stopped abruptly. He'd call me "pal" and "buddy" and I started to think maybe he had liked me but thought I wasn't interested. I get hit on a lot and often am told that I seem cold/less interested than I am. So, anyway, I've never hit on a guy in my life but I took a lot of Dutch courage and decided to tell him he was handsome etc. He turned around and was like "I don't like you in that way". I told him that not only me but our colleagues had also got that impression. He said: "They're just joking around with you... if anyone says I want you it's a joke". Anyway, I was pretty drunk at this point and livid and I swore at him. I apologized multiple times for it the next day, but he relayed the whole thing in detail, in a really smug and happy way. I kept my distance from him after this. He seemed annoyed that...
I wasn't talking to him and even quite angry. I was being civil but just not talkative. He did try to talk to me one-on-one after work, but I just didn't want to face him tbh (it was humiliating). He told everyone at work too (my fault for trying it on with someone I worked with). Someone made a joke about me and him and he was like: "Uhhh, no, thank you" which I felt was incredibly rude, so I made a comment about the staff being significantly less decent than they used to be. He then blocked me


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  • You should apologize. Its not like he did anything wrong. He liked you for sometime and probably felt you didn't feel the same. So he gave up on you. Of course, when you said you liked him, he may have rejected you to feel better. Still he did nothing wrong. You swore at him and all that so it is mostly your fault.

    • But I didn't reject him... he never asked me out properly and I thought he would... when I realized that he wasn't going to and had given up then I did that. But I'm questioning now if he actually did because of his "it was all a joke" and if that's the case I feel I'm very justified in cutting him off (I already apologized for calling him a dick).

  • Chances are he got sick of you acting cold or into a different relationship or something. He didn't play you I think. He's acting rude now possibly because he was sincere before and now he stopped and you're suddenly interested so he's annoyed

    • No, he wasn't annoyed when I showed interest. He loved that/found it amusing. He was annoyed after I stopped being buddies with him.

  • You should..


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