Am I the only one who considers drunk women a turn off?

I've been talking to a woman I met online for the past few days and our conversations were sort of effortless so far - which was a good sign.

Anyways she told me that she was looking for a relationship which is fine, so we decided to go for coffee this Wednesday. Anyways she called me last night piss drunk complaining about how they didn't let her into a club or something and she was looking to hook up.

I kindly told her no - and pretty much started ignoring her texts from this point on. Like honestly, I'm a grown ass man with a good job, I can sort of have any woman I want at this stage in my life, and I don't feel like wasting time on a girl who claims to be looking for a relationship but calls me piss drunk looking for the D (when I'm with my family of all things).

Anyways I'm sort of curious whether other guys (or girls) feel this way too? Am I over reacting?


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  • Drunk anyone is gross. But girls are messes when drunk. Tipsy is okay, when they're being funny and whatnot, but when they're smashed it's gross and some women are hella violent when drunk I've found (obviously not every girl, but a lot of the ones I've seen/come across, are loud and obnoxious). I'm not into girls, but it is a turn off in the general sense of, 'I don't wanna know that person'.

    • Yep have noticed that too and that's probably the biggest turn off for me - just the loud manly but bitchy obnoxious behavior. Fair enough and makes total sense!

    • Yes omf I can't stand those drunk women. They yell at everything, they're falling over, they start drama when it's not needed; it's just embarrassing to watch in general. The other day I was at the shops, and some grown ass woman was in there drunk and yelling across this large area at an employee, asking where the soft drink is and like? It's behind you. Ugly behaviour, simply put.

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  • Not over reacting at all.
    If she had got into that club she probably would have found some other D, even though she implied to you she’s looking for a relationship.
    Don’t think I could trust her.


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