Losing interest or just more comfortable with me? Her texting seems shorter and not as much as it used to be?

We've got a 4th date arranged for this Saturday where she's mentioned that I can "stay over if I want to". However I've noticed her texting habits have changed. She's gone from writing essay length texts and using a lot of emojis to texts that are half the length and not as many emojis. Her response time used to be 5-10 minutes, now it varies between that and an hour.

This first picture shows some odd behaviour from a couple of days ago, where she apologises for her morning text: https://imgur.com/a/rPG0F

This second picture is of our most recent conversation: https://imgur.com/a/VKuNw

On the last date, I stepped things up by holding her hand when walking and cuddling her in the cinema. After her neck was aching I removed my arm and she grabbed it and placed it in front of her and wrapped herself around it, clutching my hand.

She usually initiates contact everyday, whenever I don't, however she hasn't reached out to me today which is the first time she hasn't. This is why I'm feeling something is up. Is she losing interest or is she just getting comfortable with me now and doesn't feel the need to make the effort?


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  • judging from the convos, id pretty much say she just got comfortable already and has loosened up. but you can only guess if she IS losing interest when you personally meet her and her ways towards you are different and like you would tell that there's slowly like a barrier forming between the two of you

    • I'm just worried that for the last day and a half she hasn't reached out like she usually would. I thought the shorter text responses (as seen in pictures) was just me overthinking but it seems to lead into this as well. I'll text her later today, maybe she's waiting for me to make some effort.

      I'm only sending one text though, if I get no reply I'll just take someone else on Saturday as I can't cancel the tickets.

    • Aww that seems to be bad, especially if you have plans set then... I hate it a lot when people have to be out of reach just when i need to contact them soon bcs of plans.. but good luck man!

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