Why do some girls get upset over the guy I'm dating?

My boyfriend is by no means a male model. He doesn't look like an actor, and he wouldn't be caught dead in skinny jeans. He's a big, burly man, and one of the sexiest guy's I've ever met. The thing is, I've noticed that some other girls get upset when they see us together. I've even had girls say things to me about being with me. This girl standing next to us with her boyfriend at a concert turned and asked me, "do you know him?" I don't get why other girls care who I'm with, and I also don't get why they're so butthurt over my choice of guy.
I can understand guys getting upset over me dating him out of jealousy, but not girls.


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  • It sounds more like girls making sure you're safe vs jealousy to me. They see you with an intimidating looking guy is all

    • I feel like it's girls wondering why I'm with a guy like him, like he's not good enough for me or something. But you could be right, I never thought of it like that.

    • I mean, I'm reading it second hand whereas you experienced it. But thats my interpretation from this context any ways

    • Thanks :)

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