Why are girls hot and cold?

So I've been on and off with this girl since around July...
When we talk we really hit off, and she was really defensive around me initially when we spoke again after not speaking for a couple of months.

After a couple of weeks her walls begin to break down and she starts making the contact, calling me loads and I eventually met her and we kiss, and things look like they're going great. But since the other night she's gone super cold and distant, we had this really sexual chat and she said we can do that together on the Tuesday.

I messaged her Monday night, just out of curiosity to see if she was still up for coming over on Tuesday and she purposely ignored me... like didn't even read the message, like why is she exhibiting cold behaviours, obviously her psychology has changed but in what way?

Is she scared that she's developing feelings or something because I can't think of to why someone who classes themselves as a "non-committal fuck" to turn down the sex she's been craving from me for the last 2 weeks. And I know for a fact she still hasn't with anyone else?

Even if she was just a good friend I'd still be annoyed as if someone sees you've messaged them the least they can do is reply even if it is something negative.


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  • It really depends on the persons honestly! There are a bunch of reasons why she would be ignoring you. But it’s almost always gonna be something going on with her, nothing you did.


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  • Not all girls are like that


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  • Probably just has other shit going on in her life. Likely something more important than a non-committal fuck.


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