Have you ever had doubts about something that felt so right?

For example, I feel like the love of my life and I are meant to be, like I have never ever felt this way about anyone else.

But something inside me is like waving a red flag and saying that it isn't right.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?


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  • Taking precaution isn't bad at all but don't be too doubtful.

    Sometimes you just gotta take a chance and let yourself indulge in this feeling.


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  • Late last year, I seemed to be becoming closer to my long-time friend. However, one day my emotions went funny and for no apparent reason I felt a fear of losing her. Fortunately, when I got the chance to see her again I was relieved.


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  • I'm in a relationship right now and I absolutely love him...

    sometimes I would feel 'bad' because I didn't want to think that he was my rebound...

    of course my last relationship lasted 2 years and when we broke up I waited 7, almost 8 months to start dating again. I am completely over my last boyfriend, but in the beginning of my new relationship, I worried if my current boyfriend was my rebound. I mean, the questioning it happened so rarely, but the fact that it did at all...it just makes me feel bad.