Should I ask a girl who rejected me about her friend?

To make this simple lets use Girl A and Girl B

Girl A
she used to really like me
i started to like her but it was too late
right now it looks like were just going to stay friends

Girl B
I told her i liked her and asked her to go out with me one day out of nowhere (we had never even spoken before) (this happened about a year and a half ago)

she said she had a boyfriend (not true), but for the rest of the school year she would always glance or stare at me in the hallways

I've talked to her a couple times since and its all normal
every now and then i still see her looking at me

So here's my question. Should i ask Girl A about Girl B. Because id like to try again, actually talk to her this time and not come off like some weird asshole

The two of them are very good friends so Girl a would know how this part of her life is going and all.
Girl A knows i really like her, even though im starting to move on. I dont know if she's keepig me as a backup or actually just sees me as a friend. Im not sure where rhings are going with her but were just friends for right now.

I dont want to ruin any chances with Girl A, but i also want to try again with Girl B. Should i just go for it or is it better to ask Girl A first?
Should I ask a girl who rejected me about her friend?
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