friends with benefits, Netflix & Chill... how can I convince her?

Here goes...6 mths ago I met this girl online and we went out on a date. Cause of her circumstances we decided not to pursue anything but remain friends. Hung out a bunch of times, then stopped talking for about 3 mths and then she messaged out of the blue. Hung out a few more times but don't talk as frequently as we use to. The last time we hung out we had lunch and when I went over to her place, she looked damm hot!!! I always thought she was attractive, but again due to her current situation didn't pursue a relationship. I wouldn't mind hooking up with her but I'm not sure she would be down for that. I'm not one of those guys who never does random sex hookups and never had friends with benefits before. What's the easiest way to convince her?


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  • Just start talking about sex... Casual and see what happens it's all just about flirty


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