I said I would only date guys 18 and up and now he?

There was an incident where one of my coworkers lied and said he was 19 (he's really 16) we all hung out in a group. Mind you, this group consisted of me and four other coworkers all in their 20s. I'm 20. This coworker that lied was flirting with me and all. Later I found out he was really 16. I believed he was 19 b/c he had a nice car, he was tall (6'2) and even had a beard.

So now everyone makes fun of me. A while ago, we got new employees and they found out about the incident. I made it clear that I only date 18 and up. These new employees are 17, and one of them kept saying "Well, Im 18" in a joking way. He also got really close to me on one occasion and put his hand on top of my hand, and left it there. I had also accidentally flashed a female worker and when he heard about it he said "damn I missed it"

does he like me?
If so, I can start distancing myself from him


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  • And this ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't shit where you eat, and why you don't mix business with pleasure. Enjoy reaping the seeds you sow.

    And yes, he is interested in a 20 year old girl who has a history of giving attention to the younger staff

  • Wow he just blatantly lied to you huh? Id stay away coz you wouldn't know what else he lied about

  • He thinks your hot forsure


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