I met someone online and he is coming?

So I met a guy online. He lives in Germany and I live in Sweden. and we have been talking for 4 months now and he is gonna come to my city in 1 month to see me. I am really excited by also a little insecure. cause like we are doing Skype everyday really, It can sound funny but like I am scared about what if he comes and doesn't like how I look like, cause I think I dont look too good from profileπŸ˜‚


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  • I dated a girl from the Netherlands once. I live in Belgium. Long distance realationships are difficult. Still, Germany - Sweden, if he does it, I respect the fellow. Coming to see you in real life, I would think more about what that the look means. Maybe video chat before to break the ice?

    • yeah we did video chat a lot

    • If he then likes your looks, ask him how he would like to see you OR try to subtile figure out how he thinks you look the cutest or the best and wear that as a surprise when you meet him. When I met said girl in the Netherlands for the first time, she curled her hair because one time I gave her a lot of compliments about it. I felt so happy then.

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