My boyfriend is coming?

So my boyfriend and me, we live in different cities and in two weeks he is gonna come to my city and we want to stay at the same hotel room, like I want to sleep with him in the room, we are both 18 by the way but like I am so afraid to tell my parents cause I dont know how will they react, they can be totally okay but like they can get mad to I have no idea. They are protective. How could I ask them? are there any suggestions? We live in Italy by the way.


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  • Well either be honest with one of them, or lie and say you're staying with a friend. At the end of the day you're 18 and an adult, and they should respect that, telling them that you are staying with your boyfriend at least shows that you are being responsible, and you can let them know which hotel you will be at so they will feel more comfortable. Then again they could also be controlling dickheads and prevent it from happening, but you know them better than me. If you're worried it's your dad that will over react, maybe tell your mum in confidence, and she can choose what to tell him.

  • Think ur self asking opinion for this is wrong here ask them n go or just go it's up-to u wanna cheat n lie parents or respect them


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