Date REJECTED me after sex? Feel so sad?

I have been texting this guy for the past 2 months, a mutual friend set us up. We planned a double date on Friday to go to a club with my friend and her boyfriend.

I got kind of drunk, and sort of wasn't being myself. I was nervous and was sort of acting uninterested at first because I have no experience in dating and have just came out of a 5 year relationship (6 months ago) . And because I wasn't sure what to chat about with him because we had talked SO much via text.

When we got home, I decided that he is kind of nice and I would see him again. And we had sex, he said to me that he liked me and thought I was 'lovely'. He told my friend this too the day afterwards. (oh and he also told my friend and her boyfriend that we had sex, which is kind of disrespectful)

Then the next day we briefly chatted and said it was a fun night. Then I asked what his plans were for NYE and got no response. My friend said I should maybe say sorry as I was kind of drunk at the club and maybe that was why.. So, I did and I said I was sort of nervous to him.

Then he replies saying that he thinks I am really nice, and nice to get to know me. but his head isn't in the right place for a relationship right now.

Like.. I am just kind of hurt as if I have been used. We were texting for 2 months and he seemed like such a great person, a lot in common.. He is 25, I am 21.

I feel so upset. :(
Date REJECTED me after sex? Feel so sad?
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