How do I stop being insecure in my relationship?

My girlfriend told me that im insecure and i know it as well. Does anyone have any advice? To overcome it?


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  • My suggestion is that you make an introspection. Ask yourself what things make you insecure and try to find out how/where/when did this issue started. Once you are able to comprehend the source of your issue, you will find a way to deal with it. Your girlfriend is a lot of support too, if she is comprehensive and points things out to you, that will help you see an issue that you very likely don’t see (an outsider always brings a better insight). Good luck 👍🏼🍀


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  • Telling her very sarcastically “oh thank you now all my insecurities are gone now that you’ve told me to stop being insecure!”

    It’s perception and the way your mind thinks, not a personality trait that is you forever.

    • But after she hid our engagement status on fb then i got insecure

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    • Don’t be afraid to tell her what she should work on too. Like hiding your relationship.

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  • You cannot control the other person. If you can't trust them don't date them. If it is you who is more likely to chat and it not has messed with your ability to trust them I suggest you grow a spine and try being an honorable man

  • Sorry man. It isn’t going to happen over night that’s for sure. But as you twos relationship moves on and you start to know and trust each other it should start to go away. I know exactly how you feel.

    • How did you do it?

    • Oh I haven’t yet in the relationship I’m in now. But in my past relationships I just kinda learned to trust them. If she trust you, then you can almost always trust them. But if she doesn’t then it’s completely ok to feel that way.

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