What to do about this guy? READ PLS?

(Asking anon incase he sees this😂)

So I went on a tinder date with a guy a couple weeks back now. We hung out for a couple hours and then I spent the night at his (platonically, perhaps to his dismay). We kissed a bunch of times and cuddled so I didn’t not show interest in him. He was lovely, I liked him well enough but didn’t feel a huge connection or anything...

I felt bad for doing this but when he asked me out again a couple days later I said that I didn’t see it going anywhere and thought I should be upfront before anyone got attached. He was nice enough about it, responded a day after reading saying something about me being to young for him anyway. 😂

Anyway it’s been a couple weeks now, I felt super bad at first but I’m over it now. Not like he was in love with me or anything. I’ve been thinking about him a lot, and want to talk to him again but I think that would be wrong considering I rejected him?

Not sure what to do? Do I stick to my gut and leave him be, or seek him out and give it a shot, risking his feelings?



Most Helpful Guy

  • Stick with your gut leave him be. How would you feel if roles where reversed


Most Helpful Girl

  • Let sleeping dogs lie. Go on dates with other people. Stop obsessing over someone who you don’t even think you’re going to be happy with.


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What Guys Said 3

  • You want him because he didn't care that you rejected him.

    • He did, he was actually really upset. That’s why I’m thinking I should leave him alone?

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    • I mean that he wasn’t like rude to me or angry at me or anything. I’ve heard through friends of his that he had a rough time with it 🤨

    • Then he's a needy guy. If you meet someone one time and feel like your gut is being pulled out through your anus, you don't have a lot of options or self worth.

  • If you are looking for a hookup
    Go ahead
    If you are not, then stick with your gut.

  • Leave him be


What Girls Said 1

  • Why would you want to put him through this again when you know you didn't feel anything the first time? What could have possibly happened while you were away from him to change how you feel about him to make you like him more? Nothing. So let it go.


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