Is it time to break up or can I prevent it?

Yesterday I video chat my girlfriend and she said she feels that we don’t talk about much, and we don’t even know what each other’s interest are.
she said she feels we’re only together because of sex and that doesn’t know if we are compatible for each other because of the fact that I don’t make the effort to know her.
Like I felt that too. I felt that we never talk about stuff other then asking each other how our day has been. It gets dry.
But like we have been dating each other for 3 months (about to go 4) and it’s the longest relationship she has ever been in (mine too)
and I feel that she’s really good too me.
i don’t wanna give her up just because of that


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  • You have to learn about her ask her questions send her those pictures that say pick a number and I’ll answer it you have make a effort to talk I’m always on my phone to talk to my girlfriend whenever she messages me I message her back and vice versa


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