Should I be with my best friend?

me and my best friend had feelings for each other since the beginning but I moved to another country and we continued our friendship. We both knew we felt for each other. We dated in past but I thought that was just to get over his ex girlfriend and ended it. Since then we have been really good friends. But since last few months my feelings for him increased and recently he has confessed his feelings for me and wants to be with me for real. Plus there is a guy in my school who has feelings for me but I feel like me and my best friend understand each other a lot more. What should I do.


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  • What your heart is saying to you

    • I want to be with my best friend but I don’t want a long distance either. I feel like it is too hard or am I just exaggerating

    • Than follow your heart see that who makes you more happy

    • Ty for mho

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