Cuddle buddy? ?

I am having trouble because I find myself in a tricky situation.
I've met a guy online because he posted about wanting a cuddle buddy.
We didn't talk much about what cuddle buddy meant to him exactly but I went with it thinking it was like a Netflix and chill without sex.
Anyways we met a few times. Each time we are happy to see one another, we hug, makeout, had oral but no sex yet.
He texts me randomly to talk sometimes. He is very sweet. We also talk a lot. Sometimes we do just cuddle. He likes to please me and make sure I have a good time. He treats me with little attentions.
So you've guess it, I kind of am getting more and more attached and actually am dangerously starting to have feelings for him.
And now I really don't know what to do.
Rest assured I play the really cool girl that seems like she has a busy life and isn't waiting on him or anyone. I am not clingy or I try not to be.
But now I can't fight the urges I have of being close to him, feeling him.
How the heck do I get out of this?
I have absolutely no clue if he feels something for me or if I am really just a cuddle buddy? (Someone who tends to his affection needs).
How can I spot signs he actually might be smitten by me?
I find it hard because we didn't start out as 2 people wanting to date. We started as 2 people just wanting warmth and human contact.
Please help.
I don't even know how to approach the subject by not screwing up our cuddle buddy relationship?
I'd rather have him as a cuddle companion than as nothing at all because I scared him by telling him I have feelings!


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  • You need to remind yourself it is physical sensation that you miss nothing less nothing more, but the moment you have feeling for him, you're going to screw thing up, that term is funny though

    • 100% I screw things up?
      Can't there be a minimum chance he might feel something also?
      That's what I am trying to look for before I decide to share my feelings or not.
      Any help?

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    • Ok right now I think if you want to know him better as whole, you guys need to spend more times doing something else that also fun, maybe go outside, other than that just enjoy the cuddling time, talk to him more about everything

    • Thank you for you time :)
      I will continue to just enjoy our times together and try to get him out of the bedroom a little and see if that works well!

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  • Don’t text him first for a bit and see if he texts you back and when he does tell him you wanna hangout and there you can confront him about your feelings if you are sure about them

    • I did that this week and he indeed reached out and we saw eachother last night.
      The subject never came up organically.
      Have an idea of how I can bring it up?

    • Say it on text that you need to talk about something serious and you guys need to meet up. I know it will be hard but it will worth it. At least if it doesn’t workout you won’t be getting attached to him more or it could workout and you guys be happy couple

    • You are right I might become necessary if not I'll just get hurt by waiting and waiting.
      Thank you :)

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  • Just continue to enjoy yourself. You love the times you have together now. If he wants more, let him make the next move.

  • Either you torture yourself by sitting on it, or you try your luck.


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