Back girls, do you have a racial preference in dating? Why?

My one white friend was dealing with this one black girl that REALLY wanted a white guy, but she wouldn't lay off even though he had a girlfriend already.
I've heard girls on dating apps say similar things.

Is it a trend? Why?


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  • For me if I click with a guy, then I click with him. I don't really care what race, nationality, or ethnicity he is.


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  • I am not open to dating any race or being with anyone that isn't black. I've noticed a trend with black women and men who seek to only be with those outside their race face some deeply rooted self hate issues.

    • I doubt that self hate is linked.

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    • That's not common sense, that's making assumptions of a causality which you only have anecdotal evidence to support.

    • If I am a Duck and I am not attracted to Ducks because I think they are ugly. I then in turn must believe that as a Duck I too am ugly.

  • I don't really care about race but I do date white guys if they smoove wit it lmao

  • Are you sure that she didn't want just him?

    • He said that she told him that black guys were all the same, so she wanted a white boy.

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    • Yeah agreed. About that bad experience with one racial group thing,

      It makes sense because sadly, we humans tend to segregate ourselves and spend the most time with people that look most like us. Since there Is a halo effect of thoughts and personality (e. g. the more you hang around sad people the more sad you become) personality and sub culture traits tend to correlate with race. There will always be plenty of exceptions, but the whole "I don't want to date X racial group because the last 3 didn't click" thing isn't entirely baseless.

    • I agree :)

  • Black men date white women, why can't we date white men?

    • I never said anything about can or can't, I'm just curious about your preferences.

    • So what if we like white guys? Do you complain like this when white girls say that white guys have small dicks and want only black guys?

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