Am I in love or what is happening?

The other night I completely randomly went out with a friend, we were supposed to work an event then when we showed up the plans changed and we were outside trying to figure out something since we were already dressed up and a couple came up and told us to follow them to the club they were going to because they had a table. We did and one of the girls at the table started to talk about how cute some guy was I looked up and noticed them and suggested we go up and I’ll help her talk to them bc they looked Arab and I speak some Arabic. They were in fact and when I went to the table a guy tapped me and we started talking, he was indeed arab and was impressed when I spoke to him. By that time I was getting drunk and we were going everywhere in the club but I always came back to him after we had our drinks or met friends. We ended up spending the whole night together, following where each other’s group went and then going back to the house but we didn’t have sex. The next day I woke up there and had to rush to go to work, he told me he wanted to see me again and to come back after work so I did, this time it was more chill and I fell asleep there again and we didn’t have sex. The next day I was off and it was New Year’s Eve, we spent the whole day together until he needed to drop me off so I could start getting ready. With every minute more I felt more of a connection with this guy but I was really shocked when he sent me his card information to book the tickets for the party we were going to. I never felt someone trust me like that and I was so impressed by it, we went out and got super drunk but he made sure I was ok the whole night and he was protective, the next day we woke up and spent the whole day together again until I went to work, he dropped me off and then picked me up and we spent the night together and now it is the morning and I can’t stop thinking what is happening. I’ve never had an experience like this in my life.
I really care about this guy and I’m so comfortable with him, when we leave each other I feel sad and counting down till I can see him again. He doesn’t live here he’s on vacation and probably leaving in a couple weeks depending on work, he was here a week before we met that night so I feel like if I was just some girl to entertain him he would’ve found it before meeting me that night. I just feel close with this guy, he’s teased him knowing a job open for me in his city and that I can come with
he’s teased him knowing a job open for me in his city and that I can come with him and the crazy thing is I am thinking about it. I don’t understand what is going on but I know I really like him and keep in mind I have not even met someone I liked in years. I am always thinking when will I meet a guy who doesn’t annoy me or seem unintelligent but this guy is everything I ever wanted, everything I ever pictured myself with and he reminds me of my father. I feel like I could do something crazy


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