Girls, should I say sorry to a girl for being clingy?

Not as in say sorry to try and get in this girls life again but to geneuinly apologize for my s**t behavior.

To explain I went out with this girl a couple of times and we ended up having a long talk but aside from that nothing. Anyways a day or two later I get a message that was just asking to be freinds and I dident scream or yell but I interrupted it as in she was cutting me off from her life in the moment and I well kind of turned into a whiny teenage boy begging for her to try again but not outright saying that.

Anyways I want to apologize for my bad behavior and just have it be that not a begging for me to comeback its been a week now I'm more then over it but I do want to be freinds and I do want to apologize just to say I'm sorry and have it be that. Anyways is this a good idea or should I just let be what happened?


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  • If it were me, I'd appreciate it. Just as long as you make it clear you aren't apologizing to try dating her again.


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